Temporary Management to obtain funding from the European Community for an R&D international project

Context: Italian company located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, operating for 25 years, mechanical sector connected to the production of machines and systems for water purification. Revenue >15 million Euros, of which 60% in the foreign market, number of employees >40.

Every year the company invests more than 15% of its revenue in R&D without having ever obtained any funding. It has decided to participate in a Grant Project of the European Community that involves 10 companies and it is funded under FP5-GROWTH. The project concerns the natural environment safeguard by recovering hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of water from water treatment plants of the EU plating shops that discharge toxic waste difficult to spot and quantify. The objective of the proposal is to reach the “zero liquid waste” on site by developing and validating techniques of recycling and purification of effluents. The innovation is connected to the R&D process of the company and it is prior to recycling the recovered water. The company cannot appoint an internal manager to take care of the project. The project is worth 400,000 Euros funding for the company.

 Suggested solutions 

  • Temporary Management con piano di lavoro strutturato.
  • Participation in meetings held in foreign languages (English/French) with the project partners both at their headquarters and at the European Community headquarters in Brussels.
  • Support in the preparation and drafting of the funding request with:
  1. Support in writing the application.
  2. Support in the preparation of the project, both for the descriptive part and for the financial part.
  3. Submission of the funding request according to the instructions given.
  4. Support in the case of any supplementary documentation required.
  • Support for project reporting with the following activities:
    1. Support for initial setup.
    2. Verification of the project correctness.
    3. Assistance in any supplementary documentation.
    12 months – part time.
     Results achieved 
  • Grant of 400.000 €.
  • Creation and exploitation of synergies with the 10 partner companies of the project.
  • Set-up of the bases for a second Communitarian grant.
  • Organization and coordination of external and internal collaborators taking part in the project.