Generational passage: planning the steps for transferring responsibilities and inclusion of management control

Context: Italian company located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, operating in the sector of precision mechanics. Revenue of 2 million Euros of which less than 10% in the foreign market.


  • Generational passage underway.
  • Lack of a management control system.
  • Lack of use of web marketing instruments.
  • Partners personal guarantees granted to a banking institution for 800,000 €.
  • Never benefited of a non-refundable grant from the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

 Suggested solution 

  • Presence in the company of a Temporary Manager acting as a link between the company’s founder and the new generation resource whose competences are mainly technical.
  • Study and draft of the company’s Budget.
  • Assistance to the Client for the definition, development and management of specific projects for the company’s improvement, more specifically in order to:
  1. Identify short, medium and long term objectives.
  2. Identify a personalised growth itinerary for the new resource.
  3. Train the new resource on the main principles of correct business direction and management.
  4. Outline the entrepreneur’s behaviour towards both the new resource and the rest of the personnel in order to facilitate the positive outcome of the project.
  5. Study and set a management system that periodically supplies the necessary information for the company’s profitability and financial equilibrium.
  6. Create the company’s new website and an online marketing campaign to increase the company’s visibility on the Internet.
  7. Renegotiate the conditions and eliminate the guarantee granted by the partners.
  8. Obtain a non-refundable grant of more than 50,000 €.


Still in progress.

 Achieved results 

In light of the intervention success, the future developments of the collaboration between DODO+ and the client concern the managerial formation of the new resource and the support for the company’s growth for one more year.