Consolidation and expansion of the market

"We carry out a detailed analysis aimed at boosting your Business both developing traditional sales networks and digital channels"

DODO+ intervenes using consolidated marketing strategies and with business strategy analyses:
  •  Studying market trends.
  •  Studying competitors.
  •  Checking the company’s needs.
  •  Setting-up a digital marketing strategy integrated with the company’s development plans.
  •  Consultancy and supervision of the project for the business optimisation.

Understanding who precisely the customers are and the digital presence necessary to satisfy their needs is fundamental for a successful online marketing. It is necessary to go beyond the simple assumption of who our customers are, it is necessary to correctly analyse who they are and what they do online. By knowing your customers, what their social activities are, how familiar with the Internet they are, their online habits and demographic data we can, together with your company, devise a program comprising:

  •  The website architecture. 
  •  The strategy of contents. 
  •  Being easily visible and setting a correct indexing. 
  •  Social media integration 
  •  E-mail awareness campaigns 
  •  Advertising campaigns (AdWords, Facebook, etc.). 

We usually start planning our strategy beginning from a few selected points, then integrating others based on the results achieved.

Identification of digital expansion sources

The knowledge of online marketing trends for your specific sector allows us to:

  •  Assess which strategies have been successful in the past and choose the best practices. 
  •  Identify where to concentrate our efforts and marketing actions.
  •  Plan appealing and innovative campaigns that stand out from competitors. 
  •  Make our company have the greatest number of reference customers in the most effective way. 

Organising a Business for the online success requires the company’s knowledge.

Before creating or renewing a company’s online presence it is necessary to analyse it and find the best tools to attract customers. The online strategy must be strongly related to the company’s strategy.
Identifying the company’s effective tools allows to:

  •  Carry out a correct SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) of the marketing activities. 
  •  Identify where to concentrate our budget and cut costs for ineffective campaigns in advance. 

An accurate preparation and analysis of the online presence always lead to important and measurable results.

Monitoring the business growth and the company’s changes

An online marketing campaign requires constant analysis and updates in order to consolidate and make the company’s presence more effective. As, over time, the company changes to continuously improve its performance, a campaign, too, must be dynamic and have as an objective the greatest involvement of perspective customers. In this way, it will be possible to always maximize the ROI (Return of Investment) of the marketing program.