Supporto diretto e continuato

DODO+ and its consultants can ensure a continued support to the entrepreneur for the most important business strategies. In this way the analysis and monitoring of the business from the economic and financial point of view becomes a path constantly shared with the client-entrepreneur.

The purpose is to find the right solutions aimed at improving the company’s performances over a long period of time. Our objective is to provide recommendations and method to those businesses that need temporary management, integrated into the existing one, promptly and competently working for the client in order to achieve the set goals.

DODO+ joins the company as a collaborator among other collaborators having a sole goal: to discover and enhance each one’s capabilities, to facilitate teamwork. 
We are certain that this is the right way and the difference we notice with respect to the traditional business consultancy where “tasks are given and verified afterwards” just lies in fact that we do not bring in a pre-conceived way of doing things from the outside, we never impose a “game” but we train the team on “how to play” better in the same role they are used to play, helping them discover a role that suits them better.

No one of our consultants will be in conflict with the existing personnel as there will not be any competitiveness, on the contrary the supported personnel will feel appreciated, necessary and most of all an essential part of the company they work for. 
Our team will motivate people creating a natural collaboration environment from which the company will benefit. To summarize, here is what DODO+ offers: a “partnership consultancy” during which we are part of the company and of its objectives.
This support takes place through our Temporary Manager and Innovation Manager.

 Business development 

  • Supporting the ownership in the company’s management, General Management.
  • Commercial management, development of commercial networks and/or new distribution channels both in Italy and abroad.
  • Start-ups of new projects, NewCo, launching new brands/products, opening new businesses, activities or branches abroad.
  • Steady growth requiring higher quality management and on an international scale.
  • Supporting investors when acquiring new companies or when creating joint ventures.

 Strategic Marketing 

  • Changing the company’s strategy, brand repositioning, value pricing, marketing research and analysis.
  • Identifying new sales channels (retailers, distributors, VPC, franchising, web, shop-in-shop, one-flag shop).
  • Management of media centers, PR agencies, organization of events and trade-fairs.
  • Devising a new brand/product, co-branding and co-marketing, below the line.

 Crisis situations 

  • Turnaround, company’s recovery and re-launching (re-organizational and commercial part).
  • Generational passage (acting as a “bridge” between the founder and the new generations).
  • Contingent absence and removal of a key manager.
  • Cultural and organizational integration after an acquisition.
  • Optimization of costs and expenses, assets, procedures, personnel rationalization.
  • Production delocalization and process outsourcing (Eastern Europe, China, India).
  • Management of branches, subsidiaries or foreign markets during a crisis phase.

 Corporate check-up 

In times of crisis as nowadays, it is necessary to rethink your business and its development in a wider context, not only regional but global and at a very fast pace of change. The check-up by an external manager, to exchange views with, can really help an innovative and a forward-thinking entrepreneur who wants to improve his own actions and make them more effective, adopting solutions deriving from a long-time and heterogeneous experience. All of this with contained costs and rapid responses.

THE INNOVATION MANAGER is someone capable of speeding up the innovation and digitalisation projects of companies.

Today, when we speak of innovation we refer to different aspects. It can be about completely new products and services, or significant changes to the existing ones to make them meet market needs, it may concern a revolution in the organization or production processes, or even the adoption of a completely new form of the company’s organization.

We start from an analysis and monitoring of the business functions to understand which ones need an intervention, or are more prone to innovation.
After that and for a certain period of time, a figure is included into the activity in order to carry out the innovation task. Technical and technological knowledge, marketing competences are needed to guide this figure in studying the reference market so as to identify the right strategies to adopt in order to face changes also as far as competitors are concerned.
Business management capabilities are needed in order to understand how to change the organization processes of the whole company, also with the aim of stimulating creativity within the group work; economic-financial competences are also needed because the necessity of innovation in this field, too is strongly felt.

"DODO+ is linked to the world of university and research, to technological centres, to accelerators, incubators, departments of technology transfer"