Temporary management, general direction and company’s reorganization

Context: Italian company located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, operating in the mineral water sector. Revenue of 7 million Euros of which less that 10% in the foreign market.


  • A large number of partners without a reference partner acting as General Manager.
  • Necessity to coordinate and direct the managers of the company’s functions: factory, health and safety in the workplace, purchasing, logistics, Italian sales, foreign sales, Information technology, administration and finance, laboratory and quality.
  • Lack of management control..
  • Lack of clear governance.
  • Lack of clearly defined roles of owners and of personnel as well.
  • Frequent production errors, poor efficiency and poor control of the production department.
  • Necessity of a new course of action for collecting financial resources amounting to more than 2 million €.

 Suggested solution 

  • Presence in the company of a Temporary Manager acting as General Manager.
  • Study and draft of the company’s budget, divided into sales, purchase of raw materials, personnel costs, ADV and promotional activities, investment budgets.
  • Support in order to outline, develop and manage specific projects for the company’s improvement, such as:

For the production area

  1. Quality improvement by reducing non-conformities.
  2. Greater involvement of the Quality Manager.
  3. Training activities for all personnel.
  4. Training activities for operators.
For the purchasing area
  1. Assessment and improvement of procedures and performances.
  2. Digitization of procedures and reduction of paper consumption and paper archives to a minimum.
For the IT – Information Technology area
  1. Implementation of integration procedures of the Supply Chain.
  2. Reassessment of the website and its updating on all mobile devices. Web marketing actions and social networking to increase the company’s presence on the market.
For the Sales area
  1. Marginal analysis of individual customers
  2. Assessment of the achievement of the target result.
  3. Constant assessment of commercial initiatives.
  4. Implementation of sales orders upload (agents-customers) directly on the website.
For the general Management
  1. Implementation of control procedures of customers’ marginality..
  2. Organization and coordination of human resources to be used for the management of programmed Events.
  3. Organization and coordination of both internal and external collaborators.
  4. Coordination of both internal and external managers.
  5. Definition of the most suitable objectives that will define the bonuses for managers and production personnel.


2 years.

 Results achieved 

  • Definition of new roles and organogram.
  • Definition of budget of a three-year plan.
  • Optimization of production cycles and of purchases
  • Implementation of the operative procedures in the sales and managerial areas.
  • Revenue growth up to 9 million Euros, with 20% presence in foreign markets.
  • Inclusion of a new production line.
  • Collection of bank loans for 1.5 million €.
  • Obtainment a non-refundable grant of 400,000 €.