DODO+ is a company that works in the field of strategic consultancy, of the development and of the reorganization of business activities.

Integrating innovative methodologies and technologies, it addresses and guides production activities towards a role of leadership and reliability both on the workplace and on the market.

DODO+’s goal is that of being a trustworthy partner for those businesses whose purpose is a steady and constant growth.
For more than 20 years, through study, method and commitment it has offered the practical expertise acquired collaborating with important brands of various sectors.

DODO+ does not just offer simple consultancy. There is a network of professionals who help clients reorganize activities and systems in order to set and achieve highly professional business objectives.

By sharing and supplying the client with suitable information, DODO+ professionalises businesses thus becoming a strategic partner for their growth.

A team of professionals work in synergy to help entrepreneurs solve problems, achieve objectives, organize, plan and strategically innovate their businesses by analysing and monitoring any progress so as to understand if improvements are needed.

The main competences of our team are:
- Knowledge of economics and marketing necessary to analyse the company and the market wherein it operates devising strategies useful for growth.
- Flexibility and wide knowledge of all aspects of businesses.
- Business management capabilities and knowledge of organizational models.
- Creativity and imagination to create new projects.
- Very high technological skills.
- Strong relationship skills.

Advantages for the entrepreneur
Having a support and an all-encompassing consultancy of a well-coordinated team of professionals specialized in a wide number of disciplines in order to analyse and develop every aspect of the business.
- Having support in every aspect of the business life.
- Being provided with an effective analysis and strategy of the business both globally and for every single management aspect.
- Sharing the most effective strategies in order to be able to solve problems and make thought-out decisions more quickly.
- Finding new solutions and becoming more competitive and strategic in the business.

 Our passion is to innovate and organize small and medium-sized businesses so as to make them more competitive on the market