Improvement of efficiency

 Consultancy for company's efficiency 

DODO+ provides its clients with specialized consultancy in order to improve the company’s efficiency by means of customized services which allow to concretely meet the needs of companies of any dimension from the small to the large ones.
The market requires to be more and more efficient in order to be competitive and gain profit.
The objective of improving efficiency needs applied rationale of simplification, reduction and organization simplicity with the help of instruments and techniques to support the management, analyse the organization, identify areas of improvement and restore efficiency.

Efficiency implies an increase in the competitiveness and productivity of companies. The steps to take for the project will be clear and agreed upon, with an action plan developed according to the following the guidelines:

  • Analysis of the activities necessary to realize the product or service, in order to pinpoint possible inefficiencies in the process (delays, flaws, handling, transportation, overproduction, etc.) by means of data collection and analysis.
  • Assessment of the impacts such inefficiencies may have on the customers and on the company itself.
  • Definition of the most suitable instruments and techniques in order to reduce inefficiencies.
  • Definition of attainable short and long term goals.
  • Definition of performance monitoring methods by means of key indicators.

Since every company is different, we will deeply study the reference context of the company and together plan the most suitable development method.


Nowadays communication is the most fundamental thing for every business.
Online communication is easily accessible, but the outcome of such lack of barriers, if wrongly managed, can be transformed and can generate a negative and harmful boomerang effect: the web is bidirectional, it is not sufficient to communicate something but it must be done correctly, foreseeing all its effects and knowing how to manage them.


Every month millions of Italians are active online: high school students, university students, purchasing managers, housewives, retired people and professionals, each of them with specific needs online communication must meet.
Knowing the reference target is the most effective method in order to make one’s own communication effective and a business instrument..
Marketing is the vital nourishment for the SMEs and it has been proven (see data online) that they grow more quickly, have an international clientele, hire more people and are more productive compared to those businesses that reject self-promotion.
Strategic marketing is the best solution to achieve your goal, exploiting the right channels and fully using their potential..
DODO+’s marketing experts can provide both the needed consultancy and the realization of a series of services to reach a specific objective, managing the strategy to be used and its practical realization.

To summarize DODO+’s range of action, we operate in the following fields:

Search Engine Marketing, managing the placement of information, the S.E.O., the banner campaigns and the analysis of users’ behaviour on the website and on the web in general..

Social Media Marketing, studying communication sentiment, promoting it and monitoring the Social Network echo that can become viral and that no other media can achieve. 

With our opinion-leaders, already working with the most important groups, we are able to monitor the communication effect and manage, in real time, possible crises.

Online advertising is the only advertising instrument really measurable.
Campaign banners, SEM, integrations and other B2B/B2C communication techniques that can be completely monitored through tracking, allow a cautious allocation of media spending and great efficacy of communication both with respect to the assigned budget and to the reference target.
DODO+ independently through owned databases and internally developed portals, can reach millions of Italian users and can access databases of millions of users both in Europe and in the rest of the world..